Jacket Vs Coat

Jacket Vs Coat

Have you ever wondered if there was a difference between a Jacket Vs Coat? Well we at CoatsWarehouse.com are here to inform you.

Jacket Definition: an outer garment extending either to the waist or the hips, typically having sleeves and a fastening down the front.
Coat Definition: an outer garment worn outdoors, having sleeves and typically extending below the hips.

You might not have ever known there was a difference between the 2 and have been using them interchangeably your whole life, no worries though. The subtle contrast between the two comes down to length. Both serve the same purpose of keeping you warm and dry. Both have sleeves and both have fasteners on the front. In short, a jacket does not go below your hips when worn and a coat does.

By: Coatswarehouse Staff

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